I have moved!

I have decided to close down this blog as I use it purely for weather updates and for some unknown reason, as it doesn´t happen with my other blogs, there have been lots of problems adding links to Facebook. Honestly, jumping around between three different blogs is a pain in the backside; therefore, I have merged this to the original Queenie’s Daily Snippets and trust that going forward everything will work smoothly.


Weather 8th June 2017 – Los Cristianos/Las Americas

7.00am and just getting light enough to go for a walk. Amazing how many people are around at that time doing the same thing. The sky was covered in a blanket of grey cloud and you could feel the dew in the air, very refreshing after a warm night. Then the thermometer was showing 21°C. The day has progressed, and now, at almost 9.30am, temperatures have slowly climbed to 24°C but the cloud is still with us. We had the same scenario yesterday. It took until 10.45am for the grey clouds to clear they were replaced by large patches of blue and a few fluffy splodges of white before even those disappeared at 11.30am and we were left with a cloudless sky and soaring temperatures of almost 30 C. fickle weather.



Weather 7th June 2017 – Los Cristianos/Las Americas

Having been awake half the night because it was so warm, I nodded of at dawn and finally woke up to a rather dull and overcast sky. Thought it would be ideal for the girls to have their morning walk but even going early, temperatures are still 24°C.

Yesterday continued as promised, hot with temperatures at times reaching a tad over 29°C in the shade. Lovely evening although a few high clouds drifted down from the mountains shortly before dusk drew in.




Weather 6th June 2017 – Los Cristianos/Las Americas

Writing this a little earlier than usual as I have to soon leave for town, but as I sip my coffee the sky is blue, the morning clouds are clearing away quickly, the sun is bright and it is warm, 22°C.

Yesterday was also warm 30°C in the shade with few clouds but thin enough to let the sun through. Even at 8.00pm in full sun it was still over 30 degrees so it was a late walk for the girls.



Weather 5th June 2017 – Los Cristianos/Las Americas

When I opened my eyes, the periwinkle blue sky was dotted with red clouds, as the morning wore on these changed to pink and now the sky is almost a clear cloudless baby blue. The sun is awake and although still early temperatures are already 20°C – looks like a nice start to the week.

Yesterday, as predicted here in the south remained bright and sunny with shade temperatures of 29°C. Like us many were enjoying being out and about and looking at the webcam although there didn´t appear to be much sun in Puerto, it looked warm as there were plenty of people walking around the harbour.